Chatim CRM for customer managment

Chatim CRM system is designed to manage your company's interactions with current and potential customers.

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Amplify CRM capabilities with live chat and chatbot

Integrate live chat with the Chatim CRM system to create a powerful tool that enhances lead generation, sales, and customer support.

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Personalized customer interactions.
By integrating live chat and chatbot with CRM, businesses can personalize interactions based on the customer's history and preferences, significantly enhancing the chances of conversion.
Efficient lead capture and qualification.
Chatbot can qualify leads in real time by asking pertinent questions, with the information directly fed into the CRM system for immediate follow-up by the sales team.
Proactive customer service.
Live chat and chatbots can proactively engage customers based on their website behavior or purchase history, offering assistance or relevant information before the customer asks.
Streamlined support process.
Chatim CRM enables the automatic creation of support tickets based on chat interactions, ensuring that all customer issues are tracked and resolved efficiently.
24/7 Availability.
Utilize chatbots to provide 24/7 responses to common queries when live agents are unavailable, ensuring continuous engagement.
Data analysis and optimization.
Continuously analyze the data collected through CRM to optimize your lead generation, sales strategies, and customer support processes.

Chatbot templates for your business

Choose one of our chatbot templates and customize for your needs.
Don't waste time researching, developing and testing a chatbot.

  • Lead generation

    Generate leads and callback requests from your site visitors. Track your leads in Chatim CRM.

    Lead generation template
  • Collect emails

    The key to collecting email addresses using a chatbot is to make sure that you are providing value to the user in exchange for their email address. This could be in the form of exclusive content, personalized recommendations, or special offers.

    Collect emails template
  • Real estate agency

    Tell your website visitor information about an apartment or house. Make an appointment and view a facility. Run promotions.

    Real estate agency template
  • Law firm

    Help your site visitors to select a tour. Tell them about promotions and last-minute offers.

    Law firm template
  • Clinics, medical centers and dentistry sites

    Register patients for an appointment. Answer frequently asked questions. Consult about services you provide and prices.

    Clinics, medical centers and dentistry sites template
  • Construction company

    Collect applications from customers with detailed information about the planned renovation or construction. Tell us in detail about yourself and completed projects

    Construction company template

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Simplify everyday business tasks

Chatim provides multiple tools to save you time


Chatbot with no coding skills

The Chatim chatbot builder makes it easy to create chatbots with reusable components. Our simple drag-and-drop feature lets you change the order of steps with just a mouse click.


Reporting system

Our intuitive dashboard is designed for all skill levels, making it simple to navigate, understand, and extract valuable information. With our customizable reports, you can focus on what matters most to you, ensuring you’re always aligned with your business goals.


Customer relationship management

With our CRM, you get an extensive collection of customer details. You can learn your customers' stories, what they've done before, and what they like. Knowing all these details is super helpful for making your messages, deals, and services right for each customer.

Customer support

Chatim chatbot can handle basic customer support inquiries, such as answering frequently asked questions or providing information about products and services. This frees up human customer support staff to handle more complex or high-priority issues.


Chatim chatbot can allow customers to schedule appointments or make reservations directly through the chatbot, reducing the need for manual scheduling.

Lead generation

Chatim widget can capture leads by engaging with website visitors and gathering information about their needs and interests. This can help businesses identify potential customers and follow up with them in a timely manner.

Data entry

Chatim widget can automate data entry tasks by collecting and storing information from customers or employees. This can save time and reduce the risk of errors.