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Chatim is a live chat with a chatbot automation platform that lets you connect with customers anywhere, anytime

Personalize a live chat experience that your customers will love with 24/7 automated chatbot support.
Enhance customer interaction with our customizable chatbot widget for your website.

You can change how your Chatim chatbot looks to make it more eye-catching for visitors or to match your brand better. This will make it easier for visitors to connect with your chatbot, which will help bring in more leads and make your website more inviting.

Boost your sales with smart automation

Elevate customer support and streamline operations with Chatim.


Intuitive chatbot building, no coding required

With Chatim's chatbot builder, creating sophisticated chatbots becomes straightforward and intuitive. Our platform features a drag-and-drop interface, allowing you to assemble and rearrange components quickly. This functionality ensures that anyone can design effective chatbot sequences, regardless of their technical expertise.


Streamlined analytics for strategic insights

Navigating through analytics should be manageable. That's why we've designed our dashboard to be user-friendly, providing clear and actionable insights. Whether you're generating custom reports or seeking specific data points, our dashboard facilitates a seamless experience, enabling you to confidently make informed decisions.


Advanced customer relationship management

Our CRM system comprehensively views your customer interactions. It's designed to provide deep insights into your customers' preferences, activities, and feedback. You can personalize your communications and offerings by leveraging this information. It's a strategic tool for enhancing customer engagement.

Customer support

Chatim chatbot can handle basic customer support inquiries, such as answering frequently asked questions or providing information about products and services. Free up your human customer support staff to handle more complex or high-priority issues.


With Chatim chatbot, your customers can conveniently schedule appointments or make reservations directly through the chatbot. This not only enhances their user experience but also reduces the need for manual scheduling, freeing up your staff's time for other important tasks.

Lead generation

Utilize the power of the Chatim widget to capture leads by engaging with website visitors and gathering information about their needs and interests. This valuable lead information can help you identify potential customers and follow up with them promptly, thereby boosting your business growth and increasing sales.

Data entry

Chatim widget can automate data entry tasks by collecting and storing information from customers or employees. This can save time and reduce the risk of errors.

Integrate live chat into your customer service strategy

Live chat is a powerful tool for boosting customer satisfaction, increasing conversions, and gaining valuable insights into customer behavior.

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Personalize Interactions.
Use customer data to personalize chat conversations, making customers feel valued and understood.
Optimize Availability.
Ensure your live chat is available during peak hours or 24/7 to meet customer expectations.
Automate with chatbot.
Implement chatbots for off-hours support, handling frequently asked questions and gathering customer information for follow-up.
Prompt Responses.
Aim for immediate or near-immediate responses to live chat inquiries to keep customers engaged.
Continuous Training.
Regularly train your team on product updates and communication skills to maintain high service quality.
Feedback Collection.
Use post-chat surveys to collect customer feedback, which is crucial for continuous improvement.

Discover our library of chatbot templates

From lead capture to support, our templates make launching a chatbot fast and easy, enhancing user experience.

  • Lead generation

    Generate leads and callback requests from your site visitors. Track your leads in Chatim CRM.

    Lead generation template
  • Collect emails

    The key to collecting email addresses using a chatbot is to make sure that you are providing value to the user in exchange for their email address. This could be in the form of exclusive content, personalized recommendations, or special offers.

    Collect emails template
  • Real estate agency

    Tell your website visitor information about an apartment or house. Make an appointment and view a facility. Run promotions.

    Real estate agency template
  • Law firm

    Help your site visitors to select a tour. Tell them about promotions and last-minute offers.

    Law firm template
  • Clinics, medical centers and dentistry sites

    Register patients for an appointment. Answer frequently asked questions. Consult about services you provide and prices.

    Clinics, medical centers and dentistry sites template
  • Construction company

    Collect applications from customers with detailed information about the planned renovation or construction. Tell us in detail about yourself and completed projects

    Construction company template

Automate your sales and customer support

Solve your lead generation and customer engagement challenges with our live chat and chatbot automation

Transform your customer experience
Chatim is free, no credit card required

Chatim reviews and testimonials

Trusted by companies around the world

“I run an auto body shop, and finding the time to chat with people online was pretty much impossible until we got ourselves live chat software that comes with its own chatbot. It's like hiring an extra set of hands that always stays energized. Since we started using Chatim, we've noticed more customers coming our way.”

Vito Kozlov
Vito Kozlov

“Juggling training sessions with answering online queries was like trying to dodge punches blindfolded – practically impossible. But since we added Chatim software and its knockout chatbot, we've landed more clients than a heavyweight champ. Here's why this tech corner has been a total game-changer for us.”

Adel Ganiev
Adel Ganiev